Development of electronic devices

We offer custom hardware and firmware development from the first prototypes to serial production. We have extensive experience in development. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

Firmware development

We offer custom-made firmware development from simple applications to more complex designs using RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). They are all developed in C or Assembler. We have experience with various types of microcontrollers from 8 bit to 32 bit from various leading manufacturers such as Microchip, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics or Nordic Semiconductor. The development is always followed by thorough testing. Our goal is a long-term satisfied customer and quality is therefore our priority

Hardware development

We provide complete hardware development according to the customer’s requirements, starting with requirements specification, through design of the scheme and BOM (bill of material), creation of a layout, production of the first prototypes to testing, certifications and creation of documentation. We are in close contact with the customer during the development and we consult all the phases in detail. In case of interest we are also able to carry out partial work. For example, create a layout based on the supplied scheme, arrange certification tests, etc. We also offer a review of the customer’s proposal (if the customer carries out the development himself) and subsequent consultation.

How does the development work?

We will provide you with complete development, from an idea to the final release of the product, including subsequent support and service. We will cooperate with you closely to meet your expectations.

This is the first very important part of the development. We will cooperate closely at this stage to specify all your requirements and timetable.

Initial development of hardware and software (firmware) to present the basic functionality of the product.
Finalizing the product to meet all your requirements.
Thorough testing of all functions to make sure the product works smoothly and is ready for mass production.
We are able to provide serial production including final testing of manufactured products, if you wish so.
Our cooperation doesn’t end with the development and its handover. We will continue to assist you in case of any questions or problems.

Reference projects and solutions