Wireless Network Analysis

We offer state-of-the-art technologies for packet analysis in wireless networks, testing wireless devices, and enhancing cybersecurity. Please see the options below.

Analysis of Wireless Traffic in 2.4 GHz Band

Using the PANalyzr broadband analyzer with SDR interface, packets in the 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM band can be captured and analyzed with an accuracy of 250 ns. The SDR concurrently captures all channels of Bluetooth (classic and Low Energy), Wi-Fi and protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee, Thread, etc.).

PANalyzr comes with the appropriate software that can be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. All captured data is sent to Wireshark with several predefined profiles for comfortable packet filtering and display. PANalyzr software is an add-on that enables additional analysis functions, in particular:

  • Advanced packet filtering and grouping.
  • Meta data views.
  • Auto and scheduled start and stop.
  • Decryption of intercepted packets.
  • Alarms (e.g. when a certain device address or a service (Bluetooth) is detected, a defined action is performed).
  • Display of RSSI values and RF channels of required packets in a graph.
  • Geolocation options.
  • Data export via a socket interface.
  • Additional options supporting services such as WIDS and SPIoT are listed below.

Analysis of Wireless Traffic in Sub-GHz Band

The IoT Expansion Pack, as an addition to the PANalyzr, allows data capturing in the Sub-GHz band. Based on the protocol, different modules can be plugged to the IoT Expansion Pack. Each module for a single channel of a particular protocol. By combining the modules, multiple channels or protocols can be monitored concurrently. Supported are protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4 (e.g.Zigbee, Thread), Z-Wave and LoRa. Captured packets can be analyzed in Wireshark or PANalyzr software as the packets captured in the 2.4 GHz band.

SPIoT – Automated Security Auditing System for Wireless Products

SPIoT is a fully automated system for security testing of wireless products. It is an add-on to the classic PANalyzr (SPIoT). SPIoT contains hundreds of tests made by experts with many years of experience in security. If you own a Bluetooth, WiFi, Matter, Z-wave or LoRa device, you can use SPIoT to perform a security audit of it. You simply select a set of tests and run it. The output is a detailed test report. If any security issue is detected, the auto-generated report will provide mitigation suggestions.

The system is suitable, for example, for developers who want to ensure a high level of security for their products without having to hire expensive security consultants.

WIDS – Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Please contact us for details.

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